The Portuguese Scissor.

The brand BATIL is originated in the company Batista, Irmãos & Ca. Lda. And it is born from the name Batista, last name of the founders of the company.

But the first brand used in the company was another one just a draw of a filler. But a German manufacturer accused the company of copying and the company was forced to drop that brand. Then in the late 60’s the brand BATIL was created and became the main brand of Batista, irmãos.

Rapidly, thanks to the quality of the product, the brand became a reference in scissors on the Portuguese market. Taking the place of other brands well known at the time.

Besides national market, Batil was gaining space on other markets, especially in Spain where is known for more than 40 years, also as a reference in quality.
Still is like that today almost 50 years of existence.

With the integration on Serafim Fertuzinhos S.A. it is intended to strengthen the presence in other markets, now globalized, either by new means of production or a more effective and aggressive marketing.